…And I woke up in your arms. The morning sunlight captures the mirth on your sleeping face as my eyes danced around the room, taking in the white painted walls, the mahogany bed, and the scattered clothes on the floor. Here I was yet again, naked under this blanket with my arms snaked around your body, wondering if this was all a dream. I placed a finger on your face, tracing the edges of your eyes, your nose, your lips. My hand, then, cupped your cheek as I brought my lips to yours, breathing in your morning scent. My ears heard a groan, and I paused, watching your eyebrows furrow slightly. I smiled and closed the gap between us, feeling your rough, dry lips against mine.


Weird Thoughts

I am still wondering what his intentions are, what he thinks of me, what he thinks I’m trying to tell him. maybe he’s just doing it because he felt like it. Maybe I’m just reading into things just a little too much and maybe nothing’s really happening at all, and the shit that happened just a week ago is my fault. Or maybe there;s really something behind what he’s trying to show to me. Maybe there’s something more form the way he’s acting around me or how he’s trying to avoid me. Or maybe because he thinks that I’m trying to make him jealous just because one of my friends told him that I like one or even two of his friends. Maybe, I’m once again thinking about things just a little too much… Maybe there’s really nothing to worry. Maybe I should just ask him, but what am I afraid of? That I’ll look like an idiot in front of him? Is that all I’m worried about? I don’t know if I really want to know the answer to all these questions or if I should stay silent and do nothing about it.