A New Year’s Story

I saw you once again at the New Year’s party. Probably this would be the last time I would see you (not that you care or anything). As always, with your impeccable timing, you caught my eye (like you actually knew I was staring). Bracing myself with a smile, I gracefully (awkwardly) walked towards your way, making sure I avoid eye contact whilst making sure I have your undivided attention (you were staring so I looked away; what can a girl do?). After a few moments of weaving my way through the crowd, I stood in front of you and said those three significant words that I should’ve said months ago.

“Hey, what’s up?”

Before you could say anything, I grabbed your hand (the most romantic thing I’d ever done) and weaved our way once again through the crowd towards the open balcony. Not everyone noticed, but some people were wondering why the hell I was dragging a confused August away from his friends to an isolated spot with few people.

I’m sure they know, anyway. No point in hiding it.

Anyways, you were silent, waiting for me to say something. 

“Uhm, I have a present for you.”

“A present…?”

“Uhm, yeah…”


We both looked down. Awkward. Coincidentally, the countdown for New Year’s was about to begin. Everyone gathered inside near the stage as one of our friends began counting.

“Uhm…” I stuttered slightly, “Close your eyes.” (10, 9, 8 

You did so. (7, 6, 5)

“And uhm, kneel down, please…” Without further complaint nor question, you did as you were told like a good boy. I bent down slightly so my face would be parallel to yours, cupped your cheeks with my hands and pulled your head slightly upwards. 






Preparing myself for this moment, I breathed a sigh, closed my eyes and pushed my lips to yours, making sure I held your head in place. 

This was my very first kiss. You were petrified like a statue, surprised at the sudden events that occurred on this balcony (which is me awkwardly kissing you). As your lips suddenly twitched to life, I let go of you and said with a smile, “Happy New Year’s Eve, August.” With one last look at your perplexed face, I bid my goodbye and walked out of the balcony, not once looking back. It wasn’t the best move, just leaving him like that. But honestly, I don’t want to turn my head back to where he was and look at him in the eyes, hoping that there’s some spark he felt for me, or whatever….

I don’t want to expect anything from him.

Not anymore.


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