5 Activities That Are So Much More Fun When You Shut Off Your Phone

Thought Catalog


1. Reading a book.

Personally, I think one of the best things in the world is getting completely immersed in a good book. I am not ashamed to admit I’ve spent many nights (even occasional weekend nights) at the nearest bookstore with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Yes, this is partially because I’m cheap and didn’t want to buy the book. But the point is escaping into another world via literature is awesome. Why in the heck would you want to interrupt that with the constant buzzing of your iPhone?!

2. Sleeping.

Yes, this sounds ridiculous. Obviously your sleep is going to be enhanced by turning off your phone. But haven’t you ever taken a nap and been abruptly awakened by your phone ringing? I know it’s hard for me to shut off my phone when I take an afternoon power nap, but it’s even…

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